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We are a company dedicated to the advancement and application of clean air solution combustion technologies for industry and our environment. We manufacturer Burners featuring the CSB and CSB microSTAR, ultra-low NOx packaged burners which deliver proven <9 ppm NOx performance in commercial and industrial boilers and process heaters, and the DURATHERM, a porous ceramic radiant burner using ALZETA’s patented PYROCORE technology for high performance gas-fired heaters and boilers.
Boiler Burner Technology

  • Duratherm <9 ppm NOx
  • CSB <9 ppm NOx

Duratherm Burners

  • NOx <9 ppm
  • Capacity 23,000 to 16,500,000 BTUs
  • Natural Gas or Propane Only

Alzeta’s DURATHERM burner is a forced-draft, pre-mixed, gas-fired radiant burner designed for use in residential, commercial and industrial heating equipment requiring efficient, high intensity, transfer of heat with state-of-the-art emissions performance.

The DURATHERM burner is available in cylindrical configurations in just about any cross-sectional shape to match the heat delivery needs of most heating devices. With small capacity burners, the burner element is usually supplied in a single piece design. For larger capacities (above 1,500,000 Btu/hr), the burner element is usually assembled from multiple cylindrical segments to facilitate handling and installation.


CSB and CSB microSTAR™

  • NOx <9 ppm with FGR
  • Capacity 2 to 130 million BTUs
  • Natural Gas or Propane Only

ALZETA CSB™ burners use patented fully-premixed surface-stabilized combustion technology to provide our customers with the simplest ultra-low NOx solution in the industry. Premixing fuel and air assures complete combustion, with minimal generation of CO and unburned hydrocarbons. Surface stabilization guarantees reliable operation at the ultra-lean and high FGR conditions required to meet today’s most stringent NOx emissions levels. The rugged all metal construction of the CSB is ideal for use in firetube boilers, water tube boilers, and industrial process heaters.
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