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Coen Micro NOx – burner retro-fit to a 400 hp boiler in California
Coen QLN – burner retro-fit to a 62 million BTU/Hour steam generator
Coen DeltaNOx – burner retro-fit to a 60,000 pph Nebraska ‘O’ Type boiler
Todd Combustion 103 – RMB retro-fit to a 21,500 pph Nebraska boiler
Todd Combustion 104 – RMB retro-fit to a 100,000 pph Nebraska boiler

Cain-EM – Energy Manager – California State University (Boiler)
Cain-ESG1 – Exhaust Steam Generator – Chicago Museum of Science and Industry – (Engine-Genset)
Cain-FCR – Fin Coil Recovery – Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital (Boiler)
Cain-HRSR2 – Heat Recovery Silencer Radial – Diavik Diamond Mines (Engine-Genset)
Cain-HRSR – Heat Recovery Silencer Radial – Innovative Energy Systems (Engine-Genset)
Cain-RTR – Rectangular Tube Recovery – Utica Ethanol Plant (Boiler)
Cain-UTR1 – U-Tube Recovery – Rock River Water Reclamation (Engine-Genset)

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