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In 1916, a locomotive engineer and steam power enthusiast named George Bryan founded the Bryan Harvester Company , a small manufacturing firm which produced steam powered tractors. The rising popularity of the gasoline engine forced Bryan to abandon the steam tractor in 1922, but it was not forgotten.

The bent water tube boiler which powered the tractor was extremely rugged, impervious to thermal shock, compact, and easy to service, making it ideal for other applications. Bryan Harvester became the Bryan Steam Corporation and began refining and marketing the original boiler for an array of uses. Today, Bryan boilers continue to incorporate many of the features found in the original.

Applying the advantages of past experience to projects for the future has made Bryan the leader in the production of flexible water tube boilers for more than 75 years.


Gas Boiler Product Line
F Series. Atmospheric gas fired hot water and steam boilers for smaller applications. Sizes range from 250,000 to 850,000 BTUH input.

AB Series. Forced draft gas, oil or dual-fuel fired hot water and steam* boilers. High velocity, four pass flue gas travel contributes to 83.5% guaranteed efficiency. Capacities from 900 MBH input (21 BHP output) to 2,500 MBH input (60 BHP output).

CLM Series. Hot water and steam* boilers. Atmospheric gas, or forced draft gas, oil or dual-fuel fired. For medium sized applications. Hot water models from 1,200,000 BTUH to 3,000,000 BTUH input; steam models from 900,000 BTUH input (21 BHP output) to 2,700,000 BTUH input (64 BHP output).

HECL Series. High efficiency version of CL Series forced draft gas hot water boilers. Integrated extended surface heat extractor boosts guaranteed performance of these boilers to 85% without complications of condensaton. Sizes from 750,000 BTUH input (19 BHP output) to 3,000,000 BTUH input (76 BHP output).

K Series. Atmospheric gas-fired hot water and steam* boilers for larger applications sizes from 2,500 MBH input (60 BHP output) to 6,500 MBH input (155 BHP output).

RV Series. Forced draft gas, oil or dual-fuel hot water and steam* boilers. Multi-pass flue gas travel for maximum heat extraction. Capacities of 2,500 MBH input (48 BPH output) to 8,000 MBH input (191 BHP output).

RW Series. Hot water and steam* boilers with forced draft gas, oil or dual-fuel firing. Bryan’s largest boilers for the big heating requirements. Sizes from 8,500 BTUH input (200 BHP output) to 21,000 BTUH input (500 BHP output).

DR Series. Bryan’s new DR Series covers the smaller range of sizes in our broad line of flexible water tube boilers. Bryan has gained remarkable acceptance among consulting engineers, mechanical contractors and building owners everywhere. This acceptance is based on exceptional quality, performance, longevity, and ease of maintenance! Capacities from 250,00 to 850,000 BTUH.

CLM Series.

* Bryan steam boilers are available as standard for 15 psi MWP or 150 psi MWP. Also available for steam pressures up to 300 psi.

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