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Coen equipment is known worldwide for reliability, efficiency and environmental responsiveness. At Coen, combustion is our only business, and your complete satisfaction is our mission. Since 1912, Coen Company has specialized in the design, manufacture, servicing, and maintenance of burner equipment and combustion systems. With over 15,000 installations worldwide, Coen burner equipment and combustion systems provide optimum performance, meeting the needs of the power industry, Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) utility boiler, industrial boiler, cogeneration, wood products, pyro-processing, solid fuel, refinery, oil recovery/steam flood, and petrochemical industries.

UNL (Ultra Low NOx) Solutions

Coen’s Research and Development Team is continually developing superior Ultra Low NOx burner solutions to meet the ever changing demands of federal and regional NOx compliance requirements. Coen’s Ultra Low NOx burners have proven performance of less than 9 PPM, providing reliability, efficiency and confidence.

  • QLN ULN Burner- < 9 PPM or NO FGR < 15 PPM NOx (Industrial, Refinery, Petrochemical)
  • Delta NOx ULN Burner – < 9 PPM (Industrial, Refinery, Petrochemical)
  • Micro NOx ULN Burner – < 9 PPM (Commercial)

Boiler Burner Technology

  • Tangential-Fired (very large utility, industrial, and refinery)
  • Delta Power Burners (refinery and petrochemical)
  • Delta-NOx Burner (Low NOx for industrial, refinery and petrochemical)
  • Distributed Air Flow Burner (DAF – refinery, petrochemical)
  • Quantum Low NOx Burner (QLN – industrial to 30 ppm w/o FGR)
  • Micro-NOx ULN Burner (9 ppm for commercial boilers)
  • Co-Fyr Burner (industrial coal and wood boilers with gas Co-Fyr)Note: see the Coen web site for information about Tangential-Fired and convential Delta Power Burners; their size is beyond the scope of this web site.

Delta-NOx Burner

  • NOx 50 – 83 ppm w/o FGR; NOx lower with optional FGR
  • Capacity 20 – 380 million BTUs/Hour/Burner
  • Turn-down 10:1 on gas
  • multi-fuel capable

The newest innovation from Coen is the Delta-NOx burner, designed for the industrial and utility markets. The Delta-NOx burner utilizes Coen’s new “Delta Spuds”, which are unique gas injectors with a custom drilling pattern that controls ignition, and at the same time reduces formation of prompt and thermal NOx. The Delta Spuds in combination with custom low-swirl central stabilizer achieve high burner turndown and low emissions (NOx and CO). Additionally, the venturi style burner design provides superior air distribution with reduced pressure drop, further reducing NOx and CO emissions.

Open a PDF Brochure on the Delta-NOx Burner

View a PDF Case Study on the Delta-NOx Burner installed on a 60,000 pph Nebraska ‘O’ Type Boiler
Distributed Air Flow Burner (DAF)

  • NOx 12 – 88 ppm w/FGR
  • Capacity ___ (single or multiple burner applications)
  • Turn-down 10:1 on gas
  • multi-fuel capable

The DAF Burner was designed with high space heat release/limited boiler furnace dimensions in mind. The DAF burner consists of two separate air zones. The inner core air stream establishes a strong, central recirculating air zone directly down stream of the Coen ‘isokenetic’ spinner, which aids in burner stability throughout the burner firing range. The outer annulus air zone employs adjustable swirl which is used in shaping the burner flame to optimize flame conditions and emissions levels.

Open a PDF Brochure on the DAF Burner.
Quantum Low NOx Burner

  • NOx to 30 ppm w/o FGR; 76 ppm w/o FGR
  • Capacity ___ (single or multiple burner applications)
  • Turn-down 10:1 on gas
  • multi-fuel capable

Coen’s QLN burner has been installed on all general industrial boiler applications, including food processing, power generation, process steam, petrochemical, hospitals, and institutional users.

Open a PDF Case Study where the QLN Burner was installed on a 62.5 million BTU/Hour Steam Generator in California.

Open a PDF Brochure on the QLN Burner.
Micro-NOx ULN Burner

  • NOx to 12 ppm w/FGR
  • Capacity ___ (single or multiple burner applications)
  • Turn-down
  • multi-fuel capableBased on the proven Coen HTE design, this is the first Ultra Low NOx Coen burner system offered for commercial applications.

Micro-NOx Burner

  • NOx to 12 ppm w/FGR
  • Capacity ___ (single or multiple burner applications)
  • Turn-down
  • multi-fuel capable

Coen’s New Micro-NOx burner is specifically designed for today’s tough iretube and commercial watertube boiler applications. Since its introduction in the 1980’s, the original Micro-NOx burner “set the curve” by exceeding all state and local air pollution emission requirements

Open a PDF Case Study where the Micro-NOx Burner was installed on a 400 HP Boiler with a 30 ppm NOx requirement.

Open a PDF Brochure on the Micro-NOx Burner.

Open a PDF Brochure on the Micro-NOx ULN Burner.
Co-Fyr Burner

  • Reduces NOx, CO, SO2 and particulate
  • Burns cheaper coal
  • Smokeless light-off
  • Achieves higher turndown
  • Increases reliability
  • Reduces boiler excess air

Co-Fyr Burner Enhances Stoker FiringCoen’s Co-Fyr burner will bring new life to aging industrial and utility stoker boilers. The Co-Fyr burner utilizes small amounts of clean burning natural gas to enhance solid fuel performance. If your boiler uses coal, wood waste, municipal solid waste or other opportunity fuels, the Co-Fyr burner will greatly improve your operations.
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