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Faber has been designing, manufacturing, and servicing industrial combustion equipment and combustion systems since 1926. Our combustion equipment can be found on: package & field erected boilers, fluid bed boilers, refuse boilers, recovery boilers, high temperature water generators, and a variety of other applications.

Boiler Burner Technology

  • Windbox packages for large watertube boilers 10 – 300 MMBTUs/hour
  • LxE Packaged Burners for firetube and small watertube boilers

Windbox Burner Series

  • VP – The VP Register is the choice for projects with no NOx Emission requirements. This design combines high performance with low operating costs. VP registers are available with inputs ranging from 10 to 160 MMBtu/hr.
  • VPSSS – The VPSSS Register is the choice for low NOx firing of water tube boilers, combining flexibility and affordability with high performance. VPSSS registers are available from 10 to 300 MMBtu/hr heat inputs.
  • ULN – The ULN Register utilizes leading edge low NOx natural gas combustion technology. In most cases, sub 30 ppm NOx emissions are achievable with no FGR. The ULN also burns oil as well as any other register we offer. The ULN is available with heat in puts ranging from 50 to 300 MMBtu/hr.

LxE Packaged Burners

  • The LE Package Burner
    Oil or Gas Fired — Ideal for projects where low NOx emission are not required, excellent heavy oil burner
  • The L3E Package Burner
    Oil or Gas Fired — Perfect for projects where NOx emission requirements are from 12 to 30 ppm.


For More Information

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Telephone 888-FABER11
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