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Gasmaster Industries, Inc. was incorporated in June 1995 as a Canadian company with offices located in Surrey, British Columbia (Greater Vancouver). As a result of over 15 years of concentrated R&D work, and over $25 million dollars invested in product development and production equipment, Gasmaster now offers a complete line of over 26 models of all-stainless-steel, internationally-patented boilers/water heaters with unparalleled performance and quality. Gasmaster is the only company in the world offering one-pass high-efficiency condensing units with capacities up to 8,000,000 BTUs/Hour.

Gasmaster boilers/water heaters offer the highest efficiency rating in the industry. The certified efficiency range in accordance to ANSI Z21.13B (latest addendum) is up to 99.8%, depending on the return water temperature. In addition to this super high, efficient performance, Gasmaster boilers/water heaters offer the cleanest and most environmentally friendly operation. Without the need of any extra or peripheral component, Gasmaster boilers/water heaters operate at NOx levels below 10 ppm, with some models having NOx concentration as low as 2 ppm.


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  • 200,000 BTUs to 8,000,000 BTUS Hot water boilers
  • 1,000,000 BTUs low pressure steam boiler





  • Efficiency: the average efficiency of Gasmaster boilers is 95.6%, which is more than 15% higher than that of conventional boilers.
  • Direct Vent: unlike conventional boilers, Gasmaster boilers/water heater exhaust can be directly vented to the ambient through adjacent walls, as their design reclaims waste heat energy and uses it to perform more efficiently and eliminates the need for high stacks or chimneys.
  • Low Temperature Exhaust: because of the highly efficient condensing mode of operation, Gasmaster boiler/water heater combustion products are exhausted at very low temperatures (as low as 15°C above outlet water temperature). This allows the use of inexpensive CPVC/PVC ducts, depending on application.
  • Clean Exhaust: due to the special pulse combustion, the exhaust NOx content level is as low as 2 ppm and CO levels adjustable down to 0 ppm. At present there are no other high efficiency condensing boilers with such a low-level of NOx emission. This makes Gasmaster boilers/water heaters one of the most environmentally friendly products in the market today.

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