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Gordon-Piatt burners and controls and accessories are designed with an eye on environmental and economical performance, making clean-air heating a choice that’s as natural as it is smart. Our parts and service capabilities are second-to-none in responsiveness and preparedness, giving our customers an added degree of confidence around the clock.

Gordon-Piatt is an exclusive brand of John Zink Company.
Boiler Burner Technology

  • Model Z
  • Model RMB

Note: G-P offers a wide variety of burners; only the burners promoted as Low NOx are featured here. See the G-P web site linked below for information on their full line.
Model Z

  • NOx <30 ppm with no FGR on most applications; <20 ppm NOx with FGR on many applications
  • Capacity range: 200,000 – 5,250,000 Btu/hr; 9.25 – 125 boiler horsepower

Use in fire-tube, water-tube and cast iron boilers, incinerators and other applications. Available for OEM or retrofit applications

Model RMB

  • NOx <10 ppm
  • Capacity range: 8,400,000 – 42,000,000 Btu/hr; 200 – 1,000 boiler horsepower

Ideal for a variety of applications

Open a PDF Brochure on the RMB
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