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Johnston Boiler Has a Complete line of High Efficiency Boilers to fit into most industrial and manufacturing needs. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, not to mention our 15 Year Warranty, makes Johnston Boiler the leader in High Efficiency Boilers.

Boiler Burner Technology

  • FIR Low NOx Natural Gas Burner


FIR Burner

  • NOx down to <10 ppm
  • Capacity 50 – 1,000 HP
  • Gas only


Ultra Low NOx without external FGR! The Johnston FIR burner reduces emissions of NOx and CO from natural gas combustion. The burner can reach levels of less than 10 PPMv NOx and <50 PPMv CO at design turn-down with no decrease in efficiency. To maintain the burner/boiler thermal efficiency, the burner is setup to operate at between 3 to 4% O2 over the complete operating range. This minimizes dry gas losses and maximizes burner performance.

The patented FIR Burner through Gas Technology Institute, Chicago, IL, combines staged, premixed combustion with forced internal flue gas recirculation to minimize the formation of both thermal and prompt NOx. The unique burner design provides excellent flame retention for stable combustion at the sub 9 PPM NOx levels. The low levels of NOx and CO will meet the stringent emission requirements found in California, Houston and other non-attainment zones.
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