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Peabody Engineering, a division of Hamworthy Combustion Engineering Group. Since its formation 80 years ago, Peabody has evolved to become a preferred source for efficient, reliable combustion systems, ancillary equipment and comprehensive spare parts and service support. The company has developed a solid track record of performance in a variety of applications including steam generation for both the industrial and public utility sectors. Additionally, it provides products and services uniquely tailored to fulfill the combustion requirements of the refining, petrochemical and process industries.

A variety of burner options are available including multi-fuel and low NOx models in capacities ranging from 10 to over 300 million BTU/h. Peabody offers solutions for all boiler types, including front, side, opposed, and tangentially fired.
Boiler Burner Technology

  • Envirojet Ultra-Low NOx Burners
  • Multi-Stage Combustion (MSC) Low NOx

Envirojet Ultra-Low NOx Burners

  • NOx <30 ppm w/o FGR; lower with optional water injection
  • Capacity 6.5 – 71.7 million BTUs/hour
  • Multi-fuel capable

The Envirojet burner is suitable for both Water Tube and Fire Tube boilers

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Multi-Stage Combustion MSC

  • NOx varies with application; available with or without FGR; with or without water or steam injection
  • Capacities 20 to >400 million BTUs/hour
  • Turn-down ratios to 10:1
  • Multi-fuel capable

Combustion air adn fuel are staged to produce rich, lean flame zones thus inhibiting NOx formation.

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