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TODD® combustion systems have serviced the heating, power generation, chemical processing, manufacturing, food processing, pulp and paper, and maritime industries for nearly a century.

Today, TODD burners, advanced technologies, genuine parts and outstanding service are the preferred choices for clean, economical combustion and long equipment life. With more than 60,000 installations across virtually every application, TODD products have earned a reputation for exceptional reliability and die-hard performance under the most punishing conditions.
Boiler Burner Technology

  • Variflame™
  • Variflame II™
  • Dynaswirl-LN®
  • RMB™
  • COOL Technologies™



  • NOx down to 25 ppm
  • Capacity 30 – 400 million BTUs/hour/burner
  • Turn-down 10:1 on gas
  • multi-fuel capable

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Variflame II™

  • NOx down to sub-30 ppm with zero FGR
  • For package boiler applications with burner heat inputs up to 150 MMBtu/hr
  • wide range of turn-down ratios
  • multi-fuel capable

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  • Up to 50% NOx reduction over conventional burners and up to 90% reduction when combined with FGR, OFA, or COOLfuelTM
  • For large utility boilers with heat inputs ranging from 30 to 300 MMBtu/hr per burner
  • High turndowns up to 20:1 on gas
  • multi-fuel capable

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For Case Studies on the Dynaswirl-LN®, see the TODD Combustion web site

Rapid Mix Burner – RMB™

  • Single digit NOx
  • Available for applications from 20 to 600 MMBtu/hr
  • Utilizes FGR to efficiently reduce peak flame temperatures, controlling thermal NOx formation while minimizing operating costs
  • multi-fuel capable

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Open a PDF Case Study where an RMB was added to a 21,500 lb/hour boiler RMB Case Study 103

Open a PDF Case Study where an RMB was added to a 100,000 lb/hour boiler RMB Case Study 104

COOL Technologies™

COOL Technologies is a patent-pending process applied like “building blocks” to attain the lowest possible NOx while improving gas and oil burner performance. Used in concert, COOLFuel, COOLFlow and COOLBurn can lower NOx by more than 90%.

Available as a retrofit to any manufacturer’s fired equipment or as an integral part of a new TODD Combustion system, COOL Technologies can help you meet the toughest emissions requirements.

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