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Who We Are


The Boiler Burner Consortium is an organization of the Energy Solutions Center Inc., based in Washington, DC.

We are a small group of natural gas and combination natural gas/electric utility companies interested in educating our customers and members in the latest developments in natural gas boilers and their burners. Our desire is to maintain and increase existing industrial gas boiler loads by supporting environmental requirements, and improving boiler efficiency. This not only makes it possible for industrial boilers to continue in use, but does so at a reduced cost to their operators, our customers.


Our Members


Energy Solutions Center Staff

Rich Biljetina
5122 W. Morse Ave /
Skokie, IL 60077
Phone: 847-679-4022
Mobile: 202-251-8902

400 N. Capitol Street, NW
Suite 450
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 202-824-7150
Fax: 202-824-7096

Technology Co-Champions

Aqeel Zaidi
Enbridge Gas Company
500 Consumers Road
North York, Ontario M2J 1P8
Phone: 416-495-6531

Cherif Youssef
Southern California Gas Co
Box 513249, GT15F4
Los Angeles, CA 90051-1249
Phone: 213-244-5325

Consortium Members

  • CANMET Energy Tehcnology Center
  • DTE Energy/MichCon
  • Enbridge Gas Company
  • GTI
  • NiSource
  • Southern California Gas Co
  • Union Gas