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2008 Boiler Economizer & Heat Recovery Systems

On-Line Workshop


The Energy Solutions Center (ESC) is working with its member energy utilities and manufacturing partners to improve the energy efficiency of natural gas customer facilities and operations.

This workshop on Boiler Economizers & Heat Recovery Systemscovers both condensing and non-condensing heat recovery equipment.

Application guidance is provided and key manufacturers discuss the efficiency improvements, economics, and installation specifications for their systems which are designed to increase the efficiency and lower the energy budgets of large commercial and industrial steam systems.

Recent installations of heat recovery equipment at customer sites are provided.

This workshop is sponsored by the ESC Boiler Consortium comprised of:

  • CANMET Energy Technology Center
  • DTE Energy1
  • Enbridge Gas Distribution1
  • Gas Technology Institute
  • NiSource
  • Southern California Gas1
  • Union Gas1


Note 1:  These companies provide additional resources in support of this workshop


The following Presentations are available for download in PDF Format:

A. Boiler and Industrial Energy Efficiency Overviews

1. Boiler Energy Efficiency and Economizer Overview
2. US DOE Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs
3. Boiler Efficiency Programs:  Enbridge Gas
4. Maintaining Boiler Efficiency: Autoflame

B. Non-Condensing Economizers

1. Boiler Economizers Systems:  Cain
2. HeatSponge Economizers: Boilerroom Equipment

C. Condensing Economizers

1. ConDex Cond Econo: Combustion & Energy Systems
2a. Sofame Direct-Contact Systems
2b. Sofame Technology Description
3. Direct Contact Inc. Systems
4. Sidel Systems USA
5. CHX Teflon-Coated Heat Recovery Systems
6. Menex Solutions
7. Emerging Technology:  Super Boiler

D. Materials and Water Treatment Aspects

1. Materials Selection: Outokumpu Stainless
2. Water Treatment for Condensing Economizers:  Klenzoid

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