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Boiler Efficiency Improvement

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Learning Basics about boilers:

Boiler Introduction

Details about boiler operation:
Index Boiler Operations

Boiler Efficiency Improvement:
Efficiency Index
and Efficiency Tips

Boiler Emissions Controls:
Emissions Components

Boiler Efficiency Calculators:
NRCan Efficiency Calculator
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Boiler Primer
Boilers – Introduction
Boiler Combustion
Boiler Efficiency – Introduction
Steam Basics
Steam Traps

Boiler Operations
Air Supply
Air Temp and Pressure
Boiler Turndown
Deaerator More
Fireside Inspection
Water Treatment (Steam Boilers)
Water Treatment Schematic
Water Filtration
pH Treatment
Reverse Osmosis
Water Chemicals
Water Quality Monitoring
Water Treatment Hydronic (Hot Water Boilers)

Boiler Efficiency Improvement Opportunities
Efficiency Index
Boiler Efficiency – Introduction
Efficiency Tips
Blowdown Control
Blowdown Heat Recovery
Scale Deposits
Boiler Reset Control
Boiler Sequence Control
Combustion Air Control
Oxygen Control
(O2 Trim)
Air Infiltration
Flue Gas Condensers
Exhaust Draft Control
Vent Dampers
Flue Gas Analysis
Flue Gas Analysis Table

Steam Distribution System Efficiency Improvement Opportunities
Condensate Return
Flash Steam Recovery
Insulate Fittings
Insulate Steam Pipes
Steam Leaks
Steam Piping Best Practices
Steam Traps
Steam Trap Leaks
Steam Vapor Recompression

Boiler Efficiency and Other Calculators

Natural Resources Canada has developed an online Boiler Efficiency Calculator to help managers quickly analyze the efficiency of boiler operations associated with heating and steam plants fired by natural gas and fuel oil.

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