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Ceramic Insulation


There are many attributes of ceramic insulation, including cutting edge and controversial. The type of ceramic insulation presented here is the latest in spray-on technology. The application is for high temperature steam lines and vessels.

Spray on ceramic insulation is designed primarily to block infra-red (IR) heat transfer. However, the products also claim some value for conduction heat loss reduction. The amount of heat loss by IR is a function of many factors, but most importantly the temperature difference and the type/surface of the object. In general, the hotter the pipe and the duller/rustier the surface, the higher the heat loss via radiation.

Good candidates for spray on ceramic insulation are irregular shapes, parts and equipment that are very difficult to effectively insulate with other options. Ceramic is more expensive than fiberglass insulation; therefore, where fiberglass or other ‘conventional’ insulation can be effectively used, ceramic is not as economically attractive. Ceramic is also a great corrosion inhibitor and more resistant to impact damage and moisture. There are types of ceramic that can be applied to hot surfaces, reducing or eliminating down-time application.


From the Eagle Coatings and Superior Performance Coatings web sites:

BUYER BEWARE!!! Not all CERAMIC INSULATION COATINGS are created equal! There is also a vast difference between an insulating coating and a ” reflective paint “. As with any and all world class technology there will inevitably be cheap imitations that will claim to do the same or better and cost half the price. These companies put up pictures of Space Shuttles and slick statements on their web site to lead one to believe they use the same technology as NASA. While our competitors may be able to spell NASA, they’ve never been there. You can’t just throw some ceramic ( usually cheap Perlite or other reflective ceramic ) into some kind of paint and say ” ME TOO “. Some will even go so far as to sell mere bags of ceramic powder to the unsuspecting public with the notion that the user would simply add this to their own paint and get the same results. These cheap imitations are making exaggerated and unsubstantiated claims that have resulted in lawsuits by the Federal Trade Commission against  in the United States and the Competition Bureau in Canada!

The product that was developed from NASA-aided research is known as SUPERTHERM. Since the development of the product, SUPER THERM has been in extensive field testing to judge its effectiveness beginning in 1990 until present. Uses have ranged from applying to metal building roofing, homes, industrial furnaces, oceangoing vessels, from tropical climates to Alaskan freezes, from normal weathering to the inside of acid-burning furnaces, from the UAE to the Pacific Rim and as far away as Russia and Japan ( 70% market share ).


SUPERTHERM is a unique combination of high performance aliphatic urethanes, elastomeric acrylics, standard acrylics and resin additives in a water based formula. No co-solvents are present and will dry by evaporation. Due to the unique combination of acrylics and urethanes, SUPER THERM cures out completely in 14 days to an extremely tough, durable, non-yellowing, water resistant coating that also provides flexibility, water proofing and UV stability. SUPERTHERM has passed 2000 hours of salt spray testing which equals marine specifications and in fact has DNV certification. SUPER THERM was built to meet the requirements of industrial uses which required a tough surface, and provide flexibility against stresses of contraction and expansion. Also, unlike all other “reflective” coatings on the market which offer only a single reflective ceramic to provide heat reflection, SUPERTHERM is designed with four separate ceramic compounds for insulation from radiant heat, reflection, conduction and convection. SUPER THERM ceramics are not the rough multifaceted type as the one found in other coatings, SUPERTHERM ceramics are ground to form microscopic spheres. The spherical shape permits the 4 types of ceramics to settle very tight together, not allowing air to interact between the ceramics; thus “plating”. Therefore, SUPER THERM is a true ” insulating ” coating and not just a reflective paint.

  • Two ceramic compounds are primarily to repel radiation and offer reflective abilities. These two ceramics repel better than 95% of the sunlight and radiant heat ( short wave ).
  • The third ceramic compound is to stop 92% heat and / or cold conduction by hollow sphere technology which is not glass.
  • The fourth ceramic compound is designed specifically for stopping infrared radiated heat. This ceramic blocks 99.5% of Infrared Radiation ( long wave ) to control the heat gain or loss to the envelope of buildings or equipment. This new compound was introduced in February 2000 as part of our continued research in controlling heat transfer.
  • The combination of acrylics provide elasticity and adhesion while the urethane adds toughness, binds the acrylics and compounds and also provides a moisture barrier. The fourth resin additive is what makes the complete resin blend to combine into a single component and extends the life of the coating. This resin / ceramic combination has been shown to repel both heat and fire, withstand elements for 30 to 40 years, endure 180 degree bend without cracking, resist water, acid rain and ultraviolet light.


HOT PIPE COATING is a unique combination of high performance specialy designed high-temperature resins in a waterborne formula. This coating will dry slowly by evaporation and can be aided in the dry down by adding high heat to the environment. The product remains flexible when dried. HOT PIPE COATING was built to be used as the initial primer coating and high build coating applied over hot pipes or other high temperature surfaces to achieve immediate adhesion while calming down the hot surface. Using this coating as the primer and base coat, we can achieve adhesion over the hot surface and create a surface that is insulated to stop heat flow. It is waterborne to offer a nonflammable, non toxic formula for high heat situations.


  • Apply directly to hot surfaces to immediately reduce the surface temperature.
  • Add build coats as needed to reduce the temperature to the desired level.
  • Easy to apply. Overcomes downfalls of conventional pipe wrapping.
  • Direct-to-metal coating on properly prepared steel.
  • Non-flammable and non-toxic.
  • Does not absorb moisture or lose insulation value, like fibreglass.
  • Long-term cost effectiveness.


  • Reduction of external temperature of hot surfaces as an aid to worker safety. (Canadian code for hot surfaces = 70°C)
  • Reduction of heat loses and resulting energy savings.
  • Reduction of condensation in situations with large temperature differences.


Although HOT PIPE COATING can be applied by non-professionals, Superior Performance Coatings recommends using a certified applicator. Contact 1-866-310-7585 for details.

Preparation: Surface must be clean and completely dry, with no loose debris or particles, rust, dirt, oil, films or residues of any kind. HOT PIPE COATING will cover previous coatings, provided they are fully adhered to the surface. Mechanically stir, as ceramics will tend to settle.


  • Do not use for underwater applications.
  • HOT PIPE COATING is white in colour and rough in texture, and cannot be tinted or coloured.
  • Not recommended as the only fire protection material to be used in residential or industrial construction.
  • Do not use as floor coating.
  • Do not use externally as this coating is not UV protected. For external use overcoat with SUPER THERM, ENAMO GRIP, or RUST GRIP.


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