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Steam Plant Managers: Keep Your Utility Costs Down Through Energy Efficient Practices

High energy costs got you down? Read on to discover ways to keep your utility bill in check while increasing safety, reliability, and productivity. BestPractices Steam tips and tools can help you discover energy saving opportunities in your plant, most of which are low-cost. BestPractices Steam is a program of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Industrial Technologies and is supported by the Alliance to Save Energy, a nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC.

What are some ways industrial steam users can reduce their energy consumption? The Steaming Ahead website resources can help you optimize your steam use:

1. Determine where your energy-saving opportunities are with free software:
Use the Steam Scoping Tool, a downloadable excel spreadsheet, to determine system-wide opportunities. Use the 3E-Plus software to determine the most economical thickness of industrial insulation.

2. Put suggestions into action with tip sheets:
Sixteen tip sheets are available online detailing solutions for common problems. Sample topics include steam traps, boiler combustion efficiency, and insulation.

3. Learn how other companies have succeeded in implementing energy saving technologies:
Read the U.S. Department of Energy’s Case Studies Library or browse the Steaming Ahead selection of case studies which includes universities, hospitals, and military bases.

4. Educate yourself about the latest in steam-saving techniques and technologies:
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